Bell Project

Added 3 story 13’ x 23’ addition to rear of garage, popped up part of garage ceiling and renovated some of existing home. 1200 sq feet added to home.

  • Date: 2007
  • Construction Place: McLean, Virginia
  • Construction Time: 7 month construction time
  • Project Type:  In-house design

About this Project

New basement for garden workshop. First floor added 300 sq ft new mudroom/laundry/pantry. We also did a complete kitchen renovation and combined with old laundry to new gourmet kitchen for the owner who is a professional chef. New rear stair to basement and second floor. On second floor

  • Existing small bedroom enlarged with big front dormer
  • Larger windows
  • Huge closets as well as added large guest bath.

Very tight lot and clients in home during renovation.

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