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In Purcellville, VA, your commercial space is a beacon of your business’s identity and ambition. Our team understands that each brick is a step toward your future success. Our versatile and flexible construction services adapt to the unique demands of your commercial project, whether it’s a chic new salon or a sprawling office complex. 

With our extensive general construction knowledge, we ensure that every project is a masterpiece of functionality, aesthetics, and enduring quality, setting you up for prosperity in Purcellville’s vibrant community.

Previous Commercial Work In Purcellville & The Surrounding Areas


Enhance productivity and professionalism with our office remodeling services. From ergonomic designs to efficient layouts, we transform workspaces to meet the demands of the modern business environment.


Elevate your salon's ambiance and functionality. Our remodeling expertise ensures a chic and inviting space, optimizing workflow for stylists and providing a comfortable experience for clients.

Office Buildings

We specialize in revitalizing office complexes. Our comprehensive approach focuses on aesthetics, energy efficiency, and modern amenities to attract businesses and foster a thriving corporate community.


Foster a conducive learning environment with our school remodeling solutions. From innovative classrooms to communal spaces, we create inspiring educational settings that prioritize both functionality and safety.


Make a lasting impression on customers with our showroom transformations. Our designs showcase products seamlessly, maximizing visual appeal and creating an immersive experience for potential clients.

Retail Stores

Boost sales and customer engagement through strategic retail remodeling. We optimize layouts, lighting, and aesthetics to create a shopping experience that aligns with your brand and captivates your target audience.


From trendy eateries to cozy bars, our remodeling expertise enhances the dining experience. We blend aesthetics with functionality, creating inviting spaces that cater to diverse culinary concepts and social atmospheres.


Optimize storage and operational efficiency with our warehouse remodeling services. We create adaptable spaces that maximize vertical storage, streamline logistics, and ensure your warehouse functions seamlessly.

Public Storage:

Transform public storage spaces into organized, user-friendly environments. Our designs prioritize accessibility, security, and efficient use of space, providing an optimal solution for both short-term and long-term storage needs.

Pet washing station.

Commercial Construction In Purcellville: A Foundation for Success In Every Build

Your commercial space is more than a building; it’s the heart of your business. Create an environment that enhances productivity, attracts customers, and embodies the spirit of your brand. 

Our approach combines flexibility with a deep understanding of your commercial needs, ensuring your space is aesthetically pleasing, practical, and sustainable. Trust us to bring your vision to life and stand out in Purcellville’s growing landscape.

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What Homeowners Are Saying

Find out why Purcellville homeowners love working with us.

Melody BellMelody Bell
13:32 07 Oct 23
We had 2 bathrooms redone by Foley Construction. 1st bathroom was hall bathroom. Complete gut. Everything from start to finish was perfect. In hall bath took pictures before Mirror and cabinet above tiller was installed. Next was our Masterbath. We did a complete gut and a total reconfiguration. Worked together to come up with an amazing bathroom. Shower doors for Masterbath had to be special ordered. So pictures reflect before doors being installed. Communication daily from the supervisor of the project. I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Jeffrey BrownJeffrey Brown
20:44 06 Sep 22
They did a great job renovating a kitchen and bathroom. They pay attention to detail and are very responsive. We liked their work, so we had them tackle a much bigger job for us--building a barn. The job was challenging because the access was limited. They fixed the access problem and designed and built a quality barn that meets our needs--and it looks great too!
Jane TrenaryJane Trenary
18:00 05 Sep 22
I was very happy with the work of Foley Construction and Contracting. Shawn Foley was very responsive and professional. He managed the necessary contractors to complete a feature wall in living room which included installing reclaimed wood, lighting fixtures, moving of electrical outlets and cabinet installation. The work was excellent, on-time and looks phenomenal.
Maria BurkeMaria Burke
20:17 03 Sep 22
Remodeled complete interior of condo after major water damage. Included full kitchen remodel with custom features, laundry and bathroom improvements, new flooring and painting throughout. Excellent workmanship. Very helpful in complex dealings with my insurance, my condo association and their insurance. Very happy with the results. Highly recommend him!
Tracy SheppardTracy Sheppard
17:24 31 Aug 22
My family used Foley Construction for a home remodel in 2021- garage conversion, kitchen & bathroom remodel, windows & more. They were attentive and supportive to our needs & budget. From design stages through completion we were fully informed throughout the process. Time lines & costs lined up as promised. High quality workers and attention to detail yielded beautiful results. I have been so pleased, I do not hesitate to recommend them to my friends.
Zach ZukowskiZach Zukowski
20:48 30 Aug 22
Shawn and his team were great to work with. His team worked with me on a second floor renovation to my 100 year old house. New roof and added dormers. The online platform was extremely helpful, received daily updates with who was on-site with pictures of the work (very helpful because I would usually only be able to check at night). Project management per task, emails, invoicing, and messaging on the platform. Very slick interface was not expecting when working with a contractor. Extremely knowledgeable team and would give honest insight when some things I thought I wanted weren't worth it even though it would have netted them more profit. Honest and reliable, always available whenever I had any changes or ideas. Great to work with, 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to do any type of home renovation (which is saying something with a century old house) and in this current market where getting anyone is hard to come by. So happy I found Shawn and his team!
LAURA SundenLAURA Sunden
20:42 30 Aug 22
Foley Construction finished a portion of our unfinished basement and converted it into a home gym space. The project consisted of building walls, insulation, electric, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, painting, crown molding, customer cabinetry and custom mirrors for the walls. The project was planned and executed as expected. His Project Managment Software Tool allowed us to select design options and make milestone payments upon completion. His team was very respectful, on time and highly professional. It was a fully turnkey solution aside from allowing us to pick recommended colors and design options. We wouldn’t hesitate to hire them for future projects.

Frequently Asked Questions For Commercial Construction In Purcellville, VA

What’s included in commercial construction?

Foley Construction’s comprehensive process handles everything from start to finish. Demolition is a critical phase where we meticulously dismantle what’s no longer needed to make way for your new vision. 

But it’s more than just demolition; we manage every detail. From the initial clearing of the site to the final touches that make your space ready for business, we complete every step with precision and care.

Having a commercial general contractor like Foley Construction in charge of your commercial construction project in Purcellville, VA, is crucial for several reasons. They bring expert knowledge of general construction practices, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and enduring quality in every build. 

A skilled contractor coordinates all aspects of the project, from planning to execution, ensuring compliance with building codes, managing subcontractors, and handling logistics. This comprehensive oversight helps achieve a successful project outcome that aligns with your business’s vision and requirements.

Foley Construction distinguishes itself from other commercial contractors in Purcellville and surrounding areas through its commitment to versatility, flexibility, and a personalized approach. We adapt to the unique demands of your commercial project, including understanding the specific needs of different commercial spaces, from offices to restaurants. 

Our approach combines meticulous attention to detail, quality workmanship, unmatched communication, and project management skills. This approach ensures that your commercial space aligns with your vision and business identity.

Foley Construction is equipped to undertake commercial projects from the ground up and work on existing structures. Our flexibility and versatile skill set allow us to manage new construction projects, creating commercial spaces that reflect the client’s brand and business needs. 

Additionally, we are adept at remodeling and renovating existing structures, transforming them to meet contemporary standards of functionality and design. This adaptability makes us suitable for various commercial construction needs in the Purcellville area.

Foley Construction has demonstrated expertise in various commercial projects, showcasing our ability to handle diverse construction needs. While we have worked on offices, salons, schools, showrooms, retail stores, restaurants, bars, warehouses, and public storage, this list is not exhaustive. 

Foley Construction is open to considering any commercial project, regardless of its nature or size. If you have a specific project in mind that doesn’t neatly fit into a typical category, Foley Construction invites you to contact them. 

Our team is excited to discuss your unique requirements and explore how they can bring your vision to life in Purcellville and surrounding areas. Our flexibility and willingness to tackle various projects make us a versatile choice for all your commercial construction needs.

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