This client contacted us with the desire to combine two 3,000 square foot units into a large 6,000 square foot Dogtopia.

Date: 2020

Construction Place: Purceville 

Construction Time: 5 months

Project Type: Commercial Fitout

About This Project

The spaces taken up by the new Dogtopia ( were previously the Purcellville ABC store and a design studio, roughly 3,000 square feet each. The space and demising wall was completely demolished to make way for the new construction. Wall construction is metal studs with drywall with a fairly standard ACT ceiling. The flooring is rubber as specified by the franchise with an FRP wall cladding up to 4’ to help with the cleanliness when taking care of the dogs. The space includes a custom wash station with a hydraulic table used for washing and grooming. One room is dedicated for isolation during health screenings. All MEP installations were demolished and installed new. Interior glazing was done with commercial storefront glass. All of the graphics were supplied by the franchise and installed by us. The exterior area includes a large fenced in play yard with 8’ tall vinyl fencing and artificial turf.

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