Dyer Sports Court

This client contacted us with the desire to create a half court basketball court and gym at his residence. We have done one of these previously in 2003 so we were confident that this was going to be a good fit

About This Project

This is a roughly 2,200 square foot addition to a home in Ashburn Farms, Ashburn Va in a tightly packed neighborhood. This sports court started as just a basketball court and gym but turned into much more .The scope of the basketball court increased to a dual hoop court with a score board and sleeves in the floor capable of taking volleyball/pickleball/badminton net posts. The floor is comprised of a dual layer of plywood on rubber feet that floats over the concrete with a .75”x2.25” maple tongue and groove finished veneer finished with a clear gloss used on professional gymnasiums. Halfway through the project the client approached us with a 184” screen to mount on the wall purchased from Amazon. We studied the installation and determined that it would be better to bring in a specialized Audio/Visual company to consult with the installation, which they did, and they also completed the install of the equipment. The client wanted to let as much sunlight in as possible so we incorporated a moment frame internal to the structure and included commercial storefront windows at the front and rear. The railing system has been created from Rogue exercise equipment parts and includes a custom maple capping with smoked stainless steel rods to fill the center. The Elkay water fountain we installed is filtered, chilled, and includes a water bottle filler. The upper level area is a flat deck with a taper framed into the roofing/flooring system with a Tile Tech Paver system to create the flat surface. The sports court is roughly 4’ below grade from the basement level and would be a swimming pool if not for the complex drainage system installed within the grade on the exterior. Other work on the property includes a new roof on the main house, the access sidewalk, a new mesh network, and a new fence.

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