Ashburn Indoor Basketball Court, Gym, & Theater

A Hub Of Activity & Entertainment

A Brief Overview

Discover the ultimate fusion of luxury and functionality with Foley Construction’s masterpiece in Ashburn, VA. This bespoke project brings a homeowner’s dream of an indoor basketball court, a state-of-the-art gym, and an immersive theater room to life. This project is a testament to what Shawn Foley and his team can achieve.

Project Key Features




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The Homeowners

Meet Brad

The vision behind this extraordinary project comes from Brad, a man with a passion for sports and a large, active family, including six kids. Seeking a professional-level training and entertainment space, they turned to Foley Construction to bring their dream to life.

What started as a vision for an indoor court and gym evolved into a comprehensive athletic and entertainment oasis, complete with a movie theater, ensuring year-round enjoyment for the entire family.

The Challenge

Brad asked Foley Construction to create a space that could cater to the high energy levels of a large, sporty family and compensate for the absence of nearby professional training facilities.

Construction Plans For An Indoor Basketball Court
Drawn Out Indoor Basketball Court


The journey began with a simple concept for a gym and basketball court, which evolved into a multifaceted project. Brad’s desire for an authentic NBA basketball court and multifunctional spaces shaped the design process, incorporating high-end materials and innovative solutions like the gym equipment used for railings.

3D Rendering Of Indoor Basketball Court
Upstair gym lobby


The project expanded to include dual basketball areas, a multi-sport court, a rock climbing wall, and a ropes course. A complete movie theater setup and sophisticated lighting solutions were also integrated, transforming the space into an unrivaled athletic and entertainment venue.

Home weight room addition
Indoor Basketball Court Dimly Lit


This project brought immense joy and satisfaction to the homeowner and his family, showcasing Foley Construction’s commitment to delivering beyond the client’s expectations.

The Solution

Foley Construction addressed the initial challenge and elevated the project to new heights, creating a multi-purpose space that encourages active living and family bonding. Through innovative design, meticulous execution, and a client-centered approach, Shawn Foley and his team demonstrated their unparalleled ability to transform visions into reality.

Elevating A Family's Lifestyle: The Ashburn Indoor Basketball Court, Gym, & Theater Portfolio

Step inside a world where luxury meets athleticism. Discover the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design behind the Ashburn project, a beacon of what’s possible when dreams take physical form.

The Homeowner’s Testimonial

“I was looking for somebody who would do quality work, have integrity, and be willing to work with me through the project…He was very great at communicating what his intent was, and he gave me the opportunity to communicate to him what my intent was. 

He was on site a ton, almost every day, working through this process from start to finish. He also worked with me through a lot of changes on this project, and there were a lot. So, as things evolved, he had no issues meeting my intent for the project and working with me to make sure I had what turned out to be a wonderful, beautiful addition.”

— Brad Dyer