It’s Shiny Stuff time!

After all of the hard work you’ve gone through in deciding on the size and shape of your home and the various structural and finishing elements, you will finally start to see the results of your efforts.  Up until now, we have been putting the “bricks and sticks” together in order to create the underlying structure that will support all of the nice, shiny stuff that will make your custom home really special.


One of the first things to go in is the hardwood floor.  We then follow up with the trim in the various rooms that follows the specifications and your specific selections.  At the same time, we start installing the interior doors and most important of all, the cabinets and tops. Also at this time, we will be installing the ceramic tile and marble in your home in conjunction with the cabinetry and trim in those specific areas.  Up till now, your home looked like an empty shell, but as the cabinets, flooring, and trim start going in, it really starts taking on the preliminary appearance of the finished product. 

As the trim carpenters move through the home, you will see the painting crew following up closely behind them, caulking, plugging, and getting ready for the first coat of paint.  Once the paint is done, then we will start installing the really shiny stuff like plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, appliances, and carpet. 

At this stage of the job, things will appear to go incredibly slow.  At the beginning of the job when the carpenters were going from floor to floor and suddenly installed the roof, the home visually progressed very quickly.  When the drywall was installed, the interior of the home changed and started to take the proportions that are called for in the plans.  Now at the finishing stages, we use a lot fewer people, and the work that they do is more meticulous, so things will go a lot slower.  You will however see progress on a daily basis, and as we finish putting the “icing on the cake”, you will see that all of your hard work will prove to be worthwhile.

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