Our Construction Projects

Eberly Project

This client visited the Grisius project and hired us to do a similar “whole-house” renovation and enlarge the home with a big addition.

Simons Project

This client hired us to enlarge their home on a very tight 6000 sq lot by adding a 3-story addition as well as remodeling much of the first floor.

Grisius Project

We increased the top 2 floor by about 1/3 with a major renovation that included most of existing first and second floor. About 1800 sq feet were added to home.

Farooqi Project

Added large 3-story addition to rear of all brick home and did a renovation most of the interior of existing home. 1500 sq feet added to home.

Bell Project

Added 3 story 13’ x 23’ addition to rear of garage, popped up part of garage ceiling and renovated some of existing home. 1200 sq feet added to home.

Janaske Projects

We have done 5 projects for this family and are in the process of designing the 6th. All our projects were designed in-house.

Dyer Sports Court Project

This client contacted us with the desire to create a half court basketball court and gym at his residence. We have done one of these previously in 2003 so we were confident that this was going to be a good fit

Dogtopia Project

This client contacted us with the desire to combine two 3,000 square foot units into a large 6,000 square foot Dogtopia.

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