Thoreau on building homes

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual…
O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it,
for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.” – Henry David Thoreau

When you are about to make a big investment that will impact your future, like building a new home, what is the first thought that goes through your mind?  Is it the enhanced quality of living space, the joy of being able to achieve your dream home, or is it instant fear over the money that you will need to spend in the new home?



No matter the purchase, all of us go through a number of emotions when we commit to invest in something that will impact our lives in a great way.  The key to handling these emotions is to “live for the simple joys” and be thankful for the decisions that you can make that will go a long way in making you or your loved one happy.



Living with a thankful heart gives you the opportunity to celebrate the good in life and to see goodness in others.  Living with a grateful heart allows you to share your thoughts, your happiness and gain respect for those that you love.   And living with a grateful heart opens the way for more joy and peace to come in.

Whether you are building a new home, or preparing your home to celebrate Thanksgiving with those that you love, the first thought that goes through your mind should be one of thanks, contentment and gratitude for the simple things in life.

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